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Our facilities

All processes in the production chain are inextricably linked. Each part, designed in detail always with a view to achieving top final product quality, is a key aspect of our business, and is divided into 5 pillars:

  • Production:

A state-of-the-art factory producing 100% plant-based feed used to feed our chickens. Wheat, corn and soy are the only foods used and their quality is under our full control.

  • Hatchery

Our privately-owned hatchery is in Avlona  and has an annual capacity of 9,000,000 eggs.

  • Breeding:

Privately-owned poultry farms in the wider area with an annual capacity of 8,000,000 birds.

  • Bird Slaughterhouse:

The heart of the operation is in central Evia, on Mount Dirfys. There, respecting the natural beauty of the region, we have created our poultry slaughterhouse making sure that excellent quality Aggelakis chickens reach every family in Greece and abroad.

  • Transportation:

A modern fleet of refrigerated trucks, with a system recording the temperature every two minutes and satellite operation monitoring.

All five of these pillars are part of our philosophy of perpetual and sustainable development. That is why our company invests every year both in upgrading building and engineering infrastructure and in training employees and partners, always with the aim of ensuring perfection of final products.