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Our innovation

Chicken is one of the most classic/basic  foods, which has always had a prominent place on our table. Not only because of the huge variety and diversity of recipes, but also because the taste of chicken is especially dear to most.

Diversification and innovation have always been in our company’s DNA. We were the first poultry company to release chicken rolls, handmade skewers with thigh fillet and bell peppers, and handmade chicken burger with a taste just like mama’s.

2009 was a milestone year for our company and the R&D department. Our dedication to high quality chicken, combined with years of research, led us to create a new, patented and innovative line: OliVchicken’®.

OliVchicken’® is a patented product, inspired by the Mediterranean diet, since its breeding involves only 100% plant-based feed, primarily Greek corn and pure olive oil.

100 grams of OliVchicken’® is sufficient to cover 49% of the recommended daily amount of Selenium, and contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system, the thyroid, protecting cells from oxidative stress and maintaining hair and nail quality.

But our creativity doesn’t stop there! Monitoring modern dietary trends and needs, we offer two options suitable for those on a gluten free diet: the mini handmade Chicken Roll stuffed with bacon, Gouda cheese, marinated in fresh tomato juice, and the OliVchicken’® Gluten Free Burger with whole grain oat, fresh vegetables, pure olive oil and turmeric

Today, 60 years on, we continue our work with greater enthusiasm – more creative and bolder than ever!