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Our quality

All of us, the Board Members, the Executives and, in general, the staff of Aggelakis Poultry SA, due to our belief in continuous improvement, we commit ourselves to the following objectives:

  1. Faithful implementation and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.
  2. Ensuring food hygiene and safety, through the faithful implementation and continuous verification of the management system in place.
  3. Use of non-GMO products.
  4. Continuous training of staff to ensure a high level of know-how and make sure everyone is aware about quality.
  5. Constant improvement of our practices.
  6. Constant satisfaction of our customers.
  7. Ensuring all necessary resources to improve facilities and equipment.
  8. Measuring corresponding indicators and setting higher and higher targets.
  9. Management commitment to comply with National and Community legislation.

We believe that the above result not only in the best possible image of the company in the market, but also a sense of pride and satisfaction for all of us – Management, Executives and employees – who work for the good of Aggelakis SA.

Chairman & CEO

Thanos Aggelakis