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Aggelakis – our principles above all.

From day one of our operation, our progress is attributed to people. This is why our entire philosophy is based on our people-centred perception. We, as well as our partners, love what we do and don’t just see it as a job. Our passion and love have led us to create a fast-pacing business, based on the principles and values of a family-centred operating model.

We are honest, upright, and fair; with years and years of professional relationships, filled with smiles and trust.

We are restless; always looking for the next step, focusing on respecting and protecting our fellow human beings.

We are hardworking; our main responsibility is to work for the benefit of people, offering everyday products of excellent quality and high nutritional value for every family table.

We are demanding; average is not satisfactory and we seek excellent quality, both in our raw materials and in our know-how, organisation and technology equipment.

We are nature lovers; because we know all too well that every part of the business is inextricably linked to nature and that is why we strive for its prosperity, by reducing our carbon footprint and energy consumption, and promoting recycling.

We are family; because that’s how we feel with all our stakeholders, from our customers all the way to our employees, vendors, and the local community. We know them all, one by one, by their first name. And this is our guarantee to every end consumer. Only the best… from our family to your family!